Gloucestershire Area Ramblers - Local Groups

Cleeve group enjoying a coffee stop at Nafford

Local Groups

The Ramblers has eight Area Groups spread throughout the County. For details of the area covered by each group, click here. In addition to running a regular walks programme each Group holds a variety of Social events and walking holidays.

The Area and Groups work closely with the County Council Public Rights of Way Office to ensure that the network of paths is well maintained and that any problems such as obstructions, overgrowth, ploughing up paths, damaged signs, missing signs etc are reported and monitored.


Details of walks programmes etc for all Groups can be obtained from the Ramblers website. Please go to the website and enter the sub-menu under 'List of all Areas and groups/Gloucestershire'. Five Groups have their own websites as well as their link with Ramblers, and further information about the Groups can be obtained by logging onto these.

Cleeve Group in Cardigan Bay Gloucester Group in Sandhurst on a 25th anniversary walk GWG at the Giant's Chair in the Forest of Dean