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Area organisation

The Ramblers has a Central Office in London. For administrative purposes England, Scotland and Wales is divided into 57 separate Areas, each of which incorporates a number of local Groups. We have eight such groups in our county.

Our Area is administered by its elected Officers and a Council whose members are drawn from the eight local Groups, each providing two delegates who attend Council meetings and report back to their groups. The main function of Area Council is to provide a forum for the discussion of issues relating to the Ramblers and also facilitates a two-way flow of information and comments between central Office and the Groups. In addition to its AGM, which is usually held in early December, Area Council meets on three other occasions each year.

A key function of our Area Organisation is to carefully monitor all Rights of Way issues such as path obstructions, closures and diversions, and our Area Footpaths Officer regularly meets with the individual Group Footpath Officers to discuss such issues.

The Area Organisation also monitors the financial control of the Groups and transfers appropriate funding from Central Office to them depending upon their individual needs. Area also runs its own mid-week walking programme so that members may enjoy each other's company on walks that are generally around 10 miles in length, see Walks for details. In addition, Area makes decisions in any disputed interpretations of Ramblers policy.

It also produces a Newsletter at four-monthly intervals which provides an update of the wide range of social and walking activities in the various Groups as well as an overview of policy issues. Recent Newsletters can be viewed under the Publications page of this site.

Area Committee

Area Chairman: Richard Davis
([email protected])

Area Secretary: Ray Chaney
([email protected])

Area Treasurer: Geoff Smithdale
([email protected])

Area Footpaths Officer: Jill Byrne
([email protected])

Area Membership Secretary: Mike Garner
([email protected])

Area Countryside Secretary: Mavis Rear
([email protected])

Area Walks Co-ordinator: Geoff Smithdale
([email protected])

Area Publicity Officer: Bernard Gill
([email protected])

Area Webmaster: Nichola Goodliffe
([email protected])

The Ramblers holds a General Council meeting each spring, to which each of the 57 Areas appoints two delegates. This affords individual Areas the opportunity of being closely involved in the formulation of future 'Ramblers' policy and facilitates networking with members from other parts of the UK as well as Central Office management and staff.

To contact the Area Officers, see Contact Us for details.

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